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Discover growth and expansion possibilities when you focus on performance optimisation across your organisation regardless of your size. STRAVIK’s methodology is backed up by data, technology and proven results.

At STRAVIK, we ensure your business organisation has a profitable and sustainable future. 

Whether you are a business ready to expand into Malaysia or a local organisation eager to optimise growth, we work with you at every stage of your business to produce the best growth and revenue results based on your 3 P+T (People, Process, Policies and Technology). In short, we help you achieve optimal performance across the entire business and organisation ecosystem.

STRAVIK is unique as our team is experienced enough to advise about business optimisation, business transformationbusiness startup and business expansion from a macro view and yet agile enough to roll up our sleeves to get results on what matters operationally while focusing on today’s key drivers such as ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance).

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As the CEO of your organisation, you want to accelerate and propel your business to the next level.

With our diverse experience in corporate environments, operations and management, we are here to guide you through business challenges while ensuring you don’t miss any leverageable opportunities.  

Let us help you create more value, revenue and transformation through strategic thinking, practical ideas and inventive solutions.

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No matter what stage you are at, we can help. We have helped business start-ups and improved growing businesses using strategic thinking, creative ideas and data-driven technology solutions.

Business Matters

Starting your business and optimising it well translates to higher revenue, customer satisfaction and productivity. Ready to re-imagine newer ways to produce better results?

Highly Recommended If You Plan To Expand Your Business In Malaysia

I was introduced to STRAVIK Consulting and Vimi when we were determining how to build our Global Business Center in Penang, Malaysia. In our first meeting, it became apparent that she is an expert at starting up organizations in Malaysia and has a proven game plan to do it successfully. Over the course of the engagement, she built a detailed project plan and worked across our organization to execute each and every piece. Her hands-on approach matched with her experience, local government contacts and overall local knowledge was invaluable. I would highly recommend Vimi and her team if you plan to build or expand your business in Malaysia.
Mike Morhardt
EVP Commercial Performance & Operations, Clarivate, USA