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What We Do

STRAVIK, a business consulting firm based in Penang, Malaysia, is led by Dr Vimi Ramasamy and Subramaniam A. Naidu.

We provide business startup consulting to foreign or multinational companies keen to establish a strong presence and foothold in Malaysia as well as business optimisation consulting to organisations and Small Medium Enterprises looking to increase revenue.

We work well with multinational companies interested in expanding their businesses into Malaysia (particularly data analytics companies, technology-related companies as well as shared services) as well as businesses and organisations that are interested to pursue business optimisation as a growth strategy.

We combine more than four decades worth of experience in operations with data analytics and Artificial Intelligence systems to re-imagine your entire business ecosystem as it should be.

Besides generating higher satisfaction among your team and leaner processes that prevent redundancy and wastage, the other immediate result is a remarkable drop in expenses and costs, sometimes as high as 100%.

At STRAVIK, we work with you to start and sustain an organisation that withstands external stressors such as pandemics, slow sales, competition, political changes and uncertainties. If you would like to re-imagine a leaner, fitter organisation than what it is today, contact us for a preliminary discussion.

STRAVIK represents what we are in order to create results for you. Strategy and Transformation merged powerfully brings you Results. With the right Attitude, Visionary thinking, Innovation and 
Knowledge, we articulate exactly how we achieve results for you.

Dr Vimi Ramasamy

Dr Vimaleswari Ramasamy or popularly known as Dr Vimi is the CEO and founder of Stravik Business Consulting. Together with her team, she provides strategic consultation, embedded with strong analytical and operational expertise leveraging current technology and artificial intelligence systems where applicable.

Her most recent project was strategic consulting for an American data analytics multinational that opened its global business services location in Penang, with a workforce growth projection of 300 within 5 years.

She understands the nuances and challenges of organisational operations, having had more than 25 years of experience in the areas of engineering, human resources and leadership management honed from her years in IHS Markit Global, Intel Technology and Hitachi.

Subramaniam Apala Naidu
STRAVIK COO & Co-Founder

Subramaniam Apala Naidu or Subra, the COO and co-founder of Stravik Business Consulting, has 25 years of extensive engineering experience in the semiconductor manufacturing sector. 

His technical capabilities were honed from decades of working in semiconductor companies such as Advanced Semiconductor Engineering and Advantest. 

He is also an entrepreneur at heart – he started the first cash-less self-service laundry outlet in the Northern region for which the Malaysian Indian Network of Entrepreneurs Association awarded him a “Small-Medium Business Award” in 2018.

Highly Passionate About Growing People

I have known Vimi for many years now, both as CEO of a multinational organisation driving change and transformation, and also as a woman leader who has developed many others. She is highly passionate about growing people into leaders and building communities. As a coach and consultant, she brings a fresh perspective to many issues and challenges and will always challenge you be the best version of yourself. I highly recommend Vimi as your choice.
Roshan Thiran
Founder, Leaderonomics, MALAYSIA