US Company Started Up Successfully In 6 Months

When an American multinational company decided to start their Global Business Services in Penang, they chose to work with STRAVIK because they knew that our expertise, knowledge and experience would help them get started flawlessly. 

They preferred a single point of contact for their Penang location and they knew we were familiar with the business in terms of management and operations as well as understood what they needed for global business services. 

We worked with them for a period of 6 months (and 3 of those 6 months were during the Covid-19 pandemic when all businesses and Government agencies were temporarily shut) and we managed to establish the Penang office successfully and handed over the deliverables as promised. 

Included in our Strategic Start-up Consulting for Global Business Services were specific areas related to real estate, financial, talent, recruitment, customer service and being the interim point of contact for Penang GBS between the American client.

Our consulting services covered sourcing for vendors, reviewing available options and recommending the best option to the client to meet cost and timeline objectives.

Subra checking on the construction work at the client’s premises.

Under real estate, we worked closely with the client and became their representative on the ground to assess a suitable location for their business operations. We researched traffic patterns, branding needs, accessibility for the client and their future employees.

Given our diverse network within the state of Penang, we worked with the state authorities directly for space requirements and subsequently proposed a shortlist of reputable layout vendors to provide the most optimized building and layout solution and enabled the establishment of the business within the agreed time frame. 

For talent recruitment which is a key piece of our consulting, we proposed a talent recruitment strategy to the client. We proposed to the client that they should focus on diversity and inclusion so that they would start off with a corporate culture that encourages productivity while meeting corporate goals. We also provided our client with appropriate cost models and industrial relations advisory, specifically in terms of Malaysian labour laws.

Our client benefited from our financial opportunities consulting service where we helped them utilize the available opportunities for multinational companies starting their businesses in Malaysia such as tax exemptions, incentives and human resources development funding. We shared with them our in-depth knowledge of available Government exemptions and incentives aimed at attracting foreign direct investment. Our client appreciated this as it enabled them to optimize the use of their finances during the starting up period.

More importantly, we offered the client a localised business strategy that would enable them to create the perfect business ecosystem for Penang yet one that was global enough to synergise with the two existing GBS that this client already had in other countries. We advised them on their operating model with clear implementation strategies. This meant the client could start immediately the moment their team was in place. 

We consolidated all the many different interdependent parts of the business across all functions. With more than 25 years of experience, contacts within the multinational environment and our liaison with the state and federal governments and their respective agencies, we enabled the client to start up easily and on time with all their needs and objectives professionally handled every step of the way.