Malaysian Restaurant Increased Capacity & Earnings

We created a new method for grilling meat for a local food and beverage business using engineering quality control methodology and LEAN concepts to establish clear process flows. 

As a result of these business optimisation strategies, the business increased its cooking capacity by 20% while lowering 30% of overall costs.

We also re-engineered the kitchen exhaust system which improved the efficiency by 35% and re-architected the outlet to yield more than 300% profit within a three-year period.

Our solution helped the business owner reduce dependency on his kitchen staff without compromising on food quality and taste. 

Measurable Results:

  • 20% yield increase in restaurant capacity and reduced ~30% in costs
  • Reduced headcount expenses by 20% by using engineering quality control methodology, LEAN concepts and maintaining excellent service standard. Less dependent on staff expertise in grilling. The grill does most of the work.
  • Improved efficiency by 35% through re-engineering of the kitchen’s exhaust system
  • More than 300% profit yield within a three-year period by re-architecting a single owned F&B joint and turning it into a franchise
  • Increased customers by 15% using creative concepts in marketing
  • Developed a new methodology using Software As A Service (SAAS) that will enable consumers to have better ability in making smarter choices in purchases.