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Optimize your Energy Use with Asset & Resource Utilization

Using STRAVIK’s Software For Measuring, Monitoring, Maintaining & Optimizing

At STRAVIK Sdn Bhd, we are constantly leveraging technologies and systems to help you reach your energy management sustainability goals.

As a manager, director or CEO, you are searching for ways to optimize energy, asset and resource use while meeting sustainability objectives and complying with environmental regulations. 

Power systems, airconditioning systems, heating systems, water pumps, solar panels and other energy machinery and appliances need a holistic management system where you are able to measure, monitor and optimize your energy consumption.

Connect2Save, integrates energy, asset and resource management into one dashboard to provide a holistic view of how efficiently brown or green energy is used in industrial and commercial buildings using IR4.0 technologies.

Our solution was developed after in-depth research into the gaps in present solutions available in the market from aspects such as green energy management, resource management and ESG reporting capabilities. 

Connect2Save encompasses measuring, monitoring, maintaining, and optimizing systems driven by artificial intelligence and data analytics to provide the best utilization to support cost and sustainability needs.

Developed with real-time monitoring, and analytics with asset and resource management, our solution can be your answer to achieving energy efficiency on a remote basis and generate intelligent, specific, real-time guidance on savings and opportunities.

It allows for gathering data and insight that enables you to make more informed decisions about energy activities across your buildings and factories. 

Connect2Save is developed as cloud-based software providing accessibility to broader market segments locally and abroad for industries with heating, ventilation and lighting installations. 

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Designed Towards Fulfilling Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

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STRAVIK’s cloud-based software manages and optimizes your organisation’s energy consumption, helping you meet energy and cost-saving objectives.

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It Saved Us Thousands of Dollars Monthly and That Was Priceless

The STRAVIK team, Subra in particular, has been an extraordinarily helpful company. I am US-based and having Subra and the STRAVIK team work with us (when we were setting up the Clarivate office in Malaysia) to secure much-needed Internet services saved us thousands of dollars monthly – that was priceless. STRAVIK was also my go-to company for all things going on within the Malaysian site and helped to procure our equipment through customs and get them right to our front door.
Peter Gutowski
Director of Global Network Services, Clarivate, USA