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At STRAVIK, our team offers strategy, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, software and robotics engineering and operational know-how with strong data analytics to help you optimize and transform your 3P+T (people, process, policies and technology) for results you can measure.

STRAVIK is a consulting firm based in Penang, Malaysia and we offer business startup consulting as well as business optimization consulting.

We offer knowledge, experience and expertise to help you get started successfully in Malaysia (if you are a multinational company) or help you (if you are a business leader or CEO) obtain the best possible results from your 3P+T i.e. People, Process, Policies and Technology.

We’re aiming for optimal performance across the entire business ecosystem. Our consulting services are end-to-end; we offer strategic assessment and implementation of solutions including technology and in-depth monitoring to help you achieve your goals.

We go beyond consulting services – we also offer custom data analytics, robotics, software development and programming and technology solutions using Artificial Intelligence (AI).

STRAVIK is experienced enough to advise on big-picture optimisation from an organisational macro point of view and yet agile enough to roll up our sleeves to pursue operations and implementation. We incorporate software and systems based on AI as we believe that data measurement is key in all optimisation processes. Data and numbers allow us to quantify what works and what doesn’t.

Business optimization is a process of measuring or assessing your organisation and business in terms of efficiency, productivity and performance with the goal of improvement for results and gains.

At STRAVIK, we utilise our 3P+T model with years of combined experience in strategy, engineering, software, leadership and operations with strong data analytics and AI tools to help you re-organise and optimise your business by focusing on people, processes, policies and technology.

Here are two business examples. One of our directors, Subra, started the first cashless self-service laundry outlet in the Northern region of Malaysia for which the Malaysian Indian Network of Entrepreneurs Association awarded him a “Small-Medium Business Award” in 2018.

His remote-operated laundry system uses a smart system to free up the laundry outlet owner from dealing with typical laundrette problems. Approximately 80% of the manual tasks are taken over by systems so that the laundry outlet owner can focus his efforts on customer support.

With a system that can be accessed from a smartphone, the laundry outlet owner can monitor and track daily sales and operations remotely. He gets data such as real-time outlet patronage, predictive maintenance and inventory orders for detergent.

In 2017, Subra developed a new method for grilling meat for a local food and beverage business using his engineering quality control methodology and LEAN concepts to establish clear process flows.

As a result of his business optimization strategies, the business increased its cooking capacity by 20% while lowering 30% of overall costs.

He also re-engineered the kitchen exhaust system which improved the efficiency by 35% and re-architected the outlet to yield more than 300% profit within a three-year period.

Subra’s solution helped the business owner reduce dependency on his kitchen staff without compromising on food quality and taste.

Cost-savings depend on the type of optimization that you embark on. Typically, you can expect to see at least a 10% savings in overall costs but in some cases, the business can expect a 100% reduction in costs!

Business optimization can work for any aspect of your business, big or small:

Human resource or people-related
By understanding what the business is about and what its people should deliver, we use modelling/simulations to predict the number of people you actually need to hire in your business for efficient operations. You may have too many people in your organization or business and this itself is a redundancy and costs money. 

When we advise, we help you understand what each person in your organisation is set to deliver (the Key Performance Indicators for each individual). Once we know your KPI per individual,  we will use our methodology to align them to your business deliverables. By using our in-house analytics & AI (Artificial Intelligence) software, we will be able to determine what your productivity gains are per individual.

We connect all the dots in your entire business from end to end and validate the process flow before we work with you to streamline your process, remove redundancy, and overlapping workflows and start creating real results and gains. 

Supply Chain 
We work to assess and understand your current supply chain first before we are able to provide integrated supply chain consulting and services for sourcing direct and indirect materials globally through Source-to-Pay technology solutions for your business. This will ensure your supply chain costs are kept low. 

Machine and Production 
We start with assessing your current production setup and machine utilisation process to understand what is not working as well as it should and offer solutions that will help you uncover more revenue. 

Workflow optimization refers to improving the current workflow with a host of benefits. A more efficient workflow reduces the time to complete a task, the people needed to complete the task and operating costs. It usually means quicker task completion rates, more visible workflows, consistent output quality, fewer errors and clearer allocation of jobs and responsibilities.

The most obvious benefit is smoother operations and work efficiency. Work gets completed quicker without any loss of quality. There are no errors and problems or the need to troubleshoot or engage in firefighting! 

Higher revenue is another key benefit. When your operations are consistently efficient, you are reducing operating costs and this improves your profit and revenue. 

Better decision-making using accurate data. When business is optimised, you will be able to make robust decisions based on data, not vague ideas. You know what is happening at any time within your business.

Accountability is another benefit of business optimization. Tracking performance ensures accountability.  You can only improve performance if you measure it. When you are able to track and measure across the organisation, you can make bigger results happen! 

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Business startup consulting is all about helping multinational companies that are interested in expanding their businesses to Malaysia. We offer advisory and strategic consulting, talent mapping, real estate recommendations, industry insights and more so that the multinational company can get started easily in Malaysia.

STRAVIK offers services related to foreign business startup such as:

  • Incorporating your Malaysian business entity
  • Sourcing a temporary business location while we work on establishing the permanent real estate
  • Working with property managers to review and assess locations from a local perspective i.e. how attractive and accessible the location is to your talents/workforce and other surrounding amenities and facilities and/or recommending certified real estate agencies
  • Providing a secretariat to assist and support in all business-related matters during the ready-to-grow period
  • Establishing invaluable linkages with Malaysian government authorities and agencies at the Federal and State levels
  • Drafting and presenting incentive proposals on your behalf to the various government agencies
  • Recommending types of recruitment model to use (in-house, outsourced or local talent pool) and certified and validated vendors
  • Become your project manager and single point of contact for working with your preferred suppliers and vendors

The Malaysian government offers many grants and subsidies through their agencies such as MIDA, MDEC and NCER to attract foreign direct investment in addition to assisting local SMEs to expand in Malaysia such as start-up grants, human resources training grants, digitization grants, green technology grants and many more. Get details from MDEC, MIDA and NCER.

For multinational companies intending to grow and expand their businesses into Malaysia, we start with business imperatives such as:

  • What business segment (business verticals) do you plan to grow or move to Malaysia
  • Why is this business segment suited to grow and move out?
  • What talents do you need for the present and the near future?
  • What made you consider Malaysia a relocation destination?
  • How do you plan to grow and move your organisation?
  • What are your criteria for a successful move?
  • Are you absolutely clear about your financial model and its ability to support the move?

    During the planning stage, we work with you to answer these fundamental considerations. 

Malaysia is fast becoming the preferred expansion hub for multinational companies, thanks to:

  • Liberal investment policies
  • Attractive tax incentives
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Its location as a strategic springboard into ASEAN
  • High-quality infrastructure & IT networks
  • Tropical climate, no natural disasters
  • Safe and comfortable quality of life
  • Well-educated workforce
  • Multilingual and culturally diverse with many speaking 2 to 3 languages including English

Malaysia is ranked 2nd in ASEAN after Singapore for ease of doing business and 15th worldwide for ease of doing business, outranking Canada, Germany, France, Switzerland and Japan (Doing Business Report 2020). It also ranks 25th out of 140 economies based on a report by the World Economic Forum 2019-2020.

In fact, Malaysia is home to multinational companies such as Intel, Jabil, Broadcom, Motorola, Dell, Schlumberger, Honeywell, Dieffenbacher, Epson, Worldline, McDermott, Turner, Indra and more.

Nonetheless, before you relocate to Malaysia, get the requisite knowledge and best practices to decide if doing business in Malaysia is the next investment step to make. We can be your partner for your business startup and relocation in Malaysia. Contact us for a preliminary discussion.

Strategic Approach To Organisational Issues

I have known Vimi for the past 2 years as her executive coach. She is insightful and seeks to explore context so as to understand both people and situations. She holds herself to high standards and her values of integrity and ethical behaviour guide her decisions. She takes a strategic approach to organisational issues and when proposing change, it is clear that she thinks systemically and creatively. She is the kind of change consultant you want on your team.
Lilian Ing
Leadership Coach, Thrive-Ing, SINGAPORE