Business Startup

Establishing Your Business in Malaysia

STRAVIK works with multinational companies that are interested in expanding their businesses to Malaysia (particularly data analytics companies, technology-related companies as well as shared services).

For multinational companies intending to grow and expand their businesses into Malaysia, we start with business imperatives such as:

  • What business segment (business verticals) do you plan to grow or move to Malaysia?
  • Why is this business segment suited to grow and move out?
  • What talents do you need for the present and the near future?
  • What made you consider Malaysia as a relocation destination?
  • How do you plan to grow and move your organisation?
  • What are your criteria for a successful move?
  • Are you absolutely clear about your financial model and its ability to support the move?

During the planning stage, we work with you to answer these fundamental considerations through:

STRAVIK’s Strategic Consulting

Using a Four-Quadrant Model with significant enhancement by CEO and founder Dr Vimi, we explore the feasibility of your business relocation to Malaysia. Our aim is to help you understand if this is the right ecosystem for your business in Malaysia thus ensuring the future growth of your business. We will also utilise evolution models as well as other models to assist you in deciding if your move to Malaysia is the right one.

Once we have determined that it is promising and feasible for your business to move to Malaysia, we work with you to develop a win-win situation by tapping into business incentives and other potential sources of funding available to foreign companies. Your business needs may include getting our advisory to review and propose a workable execution strategy for your management team.

Our strategy also covers reviewing and validating the potential success criteria and providing strategic costing model estimates for the business. This further strengthens your corporate financial planning.

Talent Skill Mapping

Once you have decided to grow your business and expand into Malaysia, we work with you to hire the right talents using talent skill mapping. Talent skill mapping not only fills talent gaps but also develops strategic recruitment plans on a short, medium and long-term basis which we are highly experienced in.

Besides working with experienced talent associates and reputable staffing agencies, we offer ourselves as interim directors to help you get started. As interim directors with an in-depth knowledge of business and the local environment, we deliver results on your behalf while you make the country-to-country transition.

Dr Vimi brings socially valuable insider knowledge particularly in her network of contacts across Malaysia. She understands what local talents want while being able to discern strengths beyond paper qualifications. This, backed by a full analytical and data-driven process, helps you plan and build your team’s capabilities for business growth and expansion. With our extensive network of contacts across Malaysia, we are well positioned to provide exclusive referrals for C-suite key talents to head and lead your organisation.

Unlike recruitment processes, talent skill mapping is highly advantageous – it results in higher employee engagement with greater trust and morale among team members, uncovers employees who may not fit the organisation, opens up internal opportunities for promotion and growth, creates leaders for succession planning and reduces hiring time which means you get to build a robust talent pipeline for your business.

Find out how we helped an American company start up successfully in Penang. 

Strategic Enabler For Your Business Startup In Malaysia

Getting Your Business Started in Malaysia

STRAVIK streamlines the process of starting up your multinational company in Malaysia.

Start advantageously in Malaysia with our strategy and proven models for successful business startup relocation. For multinational companies intending to grow and expand their businesses into Malaysia, we work with you to make the move into Malaysia as easy and as flawless as possible. 

Talent Mapping

Map locally appropriate talent requirements and enable development of your people for business growth

Startup Strategy

Work with you and your team to strategise for the transition and when business is fully operational


Assisting you and your team to incorporate the business entity under Companies Commission of Malaysia

Key Incentives

Apply for and leverage key incentives provided by the Malaysian Government to attract foreign investors

Valuable Network

Open up a network of valuable and certified genuine resources, suppliers and key players in the industry

Choice Locations

Recommend specifically filtered real estate locations that are advantageous to your business and employees

Saved Us Thousands of Dollars Monthly and That Was Priceless

The STRAVIK team, Subra in particular, has been an extraordinarily helpful company. I am US-based and having Subra and the STRAVIK team work with us (when we were setting up the Clarivate office in Malaysia) to secure much needed Internet services saved us thousands of dollars monthly – that was priceless. STRAVIK was also my go-to company for all things going on within the Malaysian site and helped to procure our equipment through customs and get them right to our front door.
Peter Gutowski
Director of Global Network Services, Clarivate, USA