Business Optimisation & Transformation

Increasing Your Revenue Strategically

Why do multinational companies (MNC) grow much more rapidly than Small Medium Enterprises (SME)? What makes them more profitable?

Business optimisation and business transformation leveraging digital technologies is the answer.

By applying our STRAVIK 3P+T Business Optimisation model, we measure efficiency, productivity and performance of your business and implement relevant solutions and technology for maximum output and results.

Your business can be transformed through:

  • Automating repetitive, manual tasks
  • Improving equipment operation
  • Increasing sales through enhancing customer satisfaction
  • Boosting performance through efficient cost management
  • Raising efficiency by removing wasted time and unneeded steps in a process flow
  • Saving time with systems and technology solutions

Most SMEs’ operations are not fully optimised because of a lack of know-how and expertise. They face challenges internally and externally. Over time, SMEs begin to lose out as their inefficiencies start to pile up, resulting in a loss of money, time and people.

STRAVIK offers business optimisation and business transformation consulting for business owners who desire results. Our STRAVIK 3P+T Business Optimisation model helps you grow your revenue faster and reduce redundancies and leakages that occur through people, products or processes.

Our process begins with an exploration and thorough understanding of your specific business model and how your organisation presently operates. Using our STRAVIK 3P+T Business Optimisation model and other analytical tools (the exact tools and models used by multinational companies such as Kepner-Tregoe Problem Solving and Decision Making, LEAN and 6 Sigma process and methodologies), we work with you to identify how you can optimise and transform.

View a slideshow of the STRAVIK 3P+T Business Optimisation Model.

We start with the identification of leaks and problems that could arise from processes, resources, materials, utilisation etc. 

Next, we offer recommendations grounded in practice to remove or minimise the problem, for instance starting with operational optimisation. We work with you and your team to develop the solution and coach them to analyse, plan, check, implement and evaluate. 

When your organisation is optimised and transformed, you enjoy increased revenue with lower operating costs.

Other benefits include higher team spirit and morale, stronger company culture and a more focused and robust business. 

Uncover how we helped this business optimise its operations.

Your Business Gets Results Faster

Work With Us

Think of STRAVIK as your best brains and team that have your best interests at heart.

We work with you privately and confidentially to derive solutions that will help your organisation work better, smarter and get the results you’ve always dreamt of.

We are excellent working on our own and we are just as delighted to seamlessly integrate with your in-house teams and complement them too. Explore these ways to get started today.


Learn where your organisation is at present. Get an honest overview to understand your organisation: people, process, policy and technology. The information uncovered during assessment enables us to provide recommendations with appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). This allows you to track and measure what’s implemented.


Get the best of our expertise when you engage us for advice or tap into our network of invaluable resources and contacts.


Get started on doing the work that matters. If you are unsure how to get started implementing our recommendations, we provide technology solutions, support and hands-on implementation too.


Help your team understand how to use our systems and technology solutions when you engage us for hands-on training.


Monitor and evaluate your outcomes so that you achieve your milestones. We work with you to get the needed results.

Improved My Business Significantly

I have known Subra for more than a decade. He has been instrumental in providing innovative solutions for my restaurant that helped improve my business processes and reduced inefficiency significantly translating to cost-savings. He is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. I was amazed that he actually worked in my restaurant to understand the processes before he recommended solutions to optimise my business. I sincerely recommend him to anyone in need of business optimisation.
Ahmad Basri
Business Owner, Ah’ Basri Satay, MALAYSIA